Monday, June 1, 2009

Labelling Laws

Allergic Living reports another delay on plain labelling, when it comes to food labels.

Currently in Canada you can not hide nuts in products you have to use plain language in ingredient listing such as (nuts, peanuts, walnuts, tree nut).

However when it comes to milk you can use terms (Lactofern, whey, casein, enriched wheat flour, natural flavours) to hide milk. In fact Health Canada allows manufactures to make up more terms link to hide milk in products.

Canada was the first country to introduce plain language labelling laws, yet does not have them yet, unlike United States, many parts of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Health Canada reviews law again link

It sounds like Health Canada is ready to allow exceptions for manufactures to hide things like milk, soy and "non big eight" corn in fruit and vegetable waxes. They also want to allow manufactures to hide allergens in alcohol. This is all IF we ever get plain language labelling laws. Who wants this delayed?

Let me give the example of Trident Gum, in the States after ingredients it says Allergy warning: contains milk, on packages that contain milk. None of the packages in Canada says that we allergic consumers are supposed to know that Recaladent is a milk derivative. Trident Gum is a small example and one of many.

I'm finished my rant, put your rants in the comment section readers.

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AllergyMentor said...

I would love to see this pushed through, it takes grocery shopping from a three hour event down to about an hour. Know what else? I would love to see this carry over to personal care items! I hate having to know the scientific names for food ingredients hidden in soaps, lotions and shampoos.