Monday, July 13, 2009


Last weekend was our family picnic, a chance for second cousins to play in sand while Aunts and Uncles and cousins talk about family over potluck lunch.

I brought a potato salad. I boiled potatoes, while chopping up fruit and veggies (cucumbers carrots, onions green and red peppers) I then cooled the potatoes, in the fridge in a separate containers in the fridge. In the morning I mixed the two, mixing in Organicville's Non Dairy Ranch Dressing and a little olive oil. I brought a large bowl o share and a small container for my allergic child so I would not cross contaminate. I also brought a container of miscellaneous snack foods so she could help her self.

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Rhonda said...

Sounds great. Summer is such a wonderful time for family get-togethers and that potato salad sounds like it was wonderful. Good idea too to pack for your allergic son separately.