Thursday, August 20, 2009

No outside food

We went to an indoor playground today. We brought our own snacks of fruit and crackers. We were stopped by a staff member, the conversation went something like this:

Staff: We have a no out side food rule, and you brought your own food.

Me: I have a child with food allergies

Staff: Peanut allergy, we have snack foods, no outside food.

Me: No, milk protein allergy, allergies are a disability, and your food can not accommodate her.

Staff: Our rule is no out side food.

Me: If you want you can bring me your allergy guide, with cross contamination information, or you could learn more about accommodating people with special needs. As my child has the right, as a person with a special need to be accommodated.

She left a little while later. A manager came, and said that we could eat our own food, and that we were approached because of their policy.

She asked us next time we come, to inform the front desk that we brought our own food, because of an allergy, and no one will approach us.

I have in the past gotten permission usually by E mail to bring our own food, to places that have a "no outside food" signs.

Lately we have only had to say we have food allergies, and staff then leave us to eat our own food. Usually with a smile!


FPIESmommy said...

Funny that you posted this today b/c I just called an indoor playground to inquire about A's birthday in December (I know it is a few months away - but hey, once a planner, always a planner!). I wanted to bring our own cheese free pizza for her and her friends (they offer pizza and hotdogs as their birthday lunch selection). I was told that I would not be allowed to do that but could bring in pretzels, chips, fruit and my own cake? Why those things and not my own pizza? Who knows. It is hard to make people understand milk protein allergy - you say food allergies and people assume peanuts/nuts.

Karen said...

Sometimes birthday party places have contracts with pizza places.

The birthday place agrees to buy all their pizzas from their pizza place, in return the party place gets a discount.

If you talk to the pizza place I'm sure they just want the business, not to poison allergic children, they even may allow the party place to keep the contract. Even if one dairy free birthday party does not get any business from the pizza place.