Sunday, October 4, 2009


I attended the Allergy Conference in St.Cathrines this weekend, I looked forward to and mostly enjoyed the marketplace with the informational booths. Only one manufacturer disappointed Aller Safe they sell Allersafe cleaning supplies and mattress covers for environmental allergens. Sounds good but their 100% plant based (again sounds good) but they could not tell me what plants are used.

When I questioned them about full disclosure of ingredients could be important to people attending an allergy conference, I was not received well. I questioned them about contact reactions and people with plant allergies having reactions. I was told their was no ingredient information on their website and given their business card and told I could contact head office.

I question why a company that does not practice ingredient disclosure was allowed to participate in the Knowledge for Living conference.
NASK hosted the Knowledge for Living with Anaphlaxis, Asthma and Allergies Family Conference

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