Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Grass Allergy

I used to have severe allergies to both grass, and dandelions, now my grass allergy is almost gone. When I was in grade one, I asked the other kids how grass felt. I knew it felt itchy, and that other kids did not feel itchy when they touched grass. The other kids wore sandals with open toe shoes, something I could not do while on grass. Yet for some reason they did not understand my question, but they knew I could not sit on grass, or I would break out into a rash.

When I was two or three, I remember my Father caring me in his arms over a field, to go to an event, and being worried by how tall the wild grass was, and how it may affect me.

Today I mow the lawn, but not during dandelion season, as long as I clean myself off with a shower, after I am fine. I enjoy walking bare foot in our backyard, I sometimes feel the need to wipe my feet when I come in, but it really is not a problem.

My grass allergy is always more of a problem during, grass seed season, when the grass produces seeds.

I'm not sure what this all means, other than children can out grow, or at least lessen their allergies.

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