Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glee Gum New Product

News From Glee Gum
We are pleased to announce that the day has finally come. Introducing (drum roll, please)… Sugar-Free Glee Gum!

It is, in a word, yum.

Sugar-Free Glee Gum is sweetened with 100% xylitol, a sugar alcohol made from birch bark. It looks and tastes like sugar, but has fewer calories and breaks down differently. While our xylitol comes from birch, this swell sweetener also is found naturally in the fibers of fruits and veggies like corn, raspberries and plums.

We choose to use xylitol because it is all-natural and also because it benefits dental health. Studies have shown that xylitol can help fight cavities, reduce plaque, and even clear nasal passages. And it’s a safe choice for lots of folks on restricted diets.

Sugar-Free Glee Gum comes in two brand new, refreshing flavors: Refresh-Mint and Lemon-Lime. Like the rest of the Glee Gum line, Sugar-Free Glee is all-natural with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. It’s free of all major allergens, and it’s our first product that’s also corn-free! For now, Sugar-Free Glee is exclusively available on GleeGum.com. But keep your eyes peeled for its imminent arrival at a store near you.

For those who love regular ol’ Glee Gum, fear not. We will continue to produce our standard Glee, sweetened with organic cane sugar and brown rice syrup. But, now you have the option to go Sugar-Free. Yippee!

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