Friday, November 26, 2010

Allergy Apparel Sale

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The holidays are fun but can be stressful, especially for us food allergy families. Grab your Allergy Apparel during your holiday celebrations and remind your child's grandparents, cousins, and other guests that your kiddo has a food allergies. Help your kiddo's teacher to stay on top of it during school celebrations with a super cool shirt, a smart medical ID band or bracelet, lunchbox, or food allergy alert button.

We have also added inexpensive sassy epipen pouches, matching inhaler and first aid pouches. Our new first aid pouches make great stocking stuffers and gifts for your kids teachers. Mom made, mom tested, and mom approved!

We are offering FREE shipping and reusable bags to celebrate the start of a new enchanting season. Use promo code BLKFRIDAY at Allergy Sale ends Tuesday November 30.

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