Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kyle Dine's New CD

News From Kyle Dine

I have great news just in time for the holiday season - my new CD "Food Allergies Rock!" is now available!

The CD features 14 brand new songs that guarantee a foot-stomping, hand clapping, sing-along experience from the start to finish. As always, the songs are fun and catchy, yet contain key educational messages that help children become more confident with their food allergies.

I urge you to take a listen to a few of the song samples. You will have a smile on your face after you hear the playful yet empowering songs such as "My Epineph-Friend" and "Food Allergies Rock!" .

"Food Allergies Rock!" is NOW for sale on my website for $15. Please feel free to email me directly if you would like a personalized message on the CD cover for your child to make it an extra special holiday gift!

Kyle Dine

P.S. - I thought I would leave you with a couple quotes from a few of the early listeners:

"Food Allgies Wock!! I wuv dis song!"
~ 2 year old boy with allergies

"Kyle Dine is a lyrical genius on his new album "Food Allergies Rock." He combines important messages with empowering statements in a catchy way so that listeners learn the messages while feeling good about their allergies--that might have previously made them feel set apart from others. This album lets children dance and sing together and encourages them to promote awareness and to stay safe. Our group of families that follow our non profit organization (Spokane Food Allergy Support Network) loved to listen and dance to each song at our Halloween event and we intend on playing both of his CD's at every event hereafter. Love his music and love his messages. So great to hear about allergies in a more positive light through music."
~ Jodie Hommer, President of Spokane Food Allergy Support Network

"We love your new CD!!! I gave it to my son today for his 8th birthday. He has listened to it at least 4 times already! Thank you!"
~ Facebook Fan

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