Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Fears

Planning an
Allergy Safe Turkey Dinner
Holiday fears from relatives bringing pie of allergens, to evergreen reactions, it can be a dangerous time of year for people with allergies. Even the Nativity play could have live animals or hay that can trigger asthmatic or allergic reactions.

People with Letex allergies be aware of poinsettia plants. Poinsettia Plants and Letex Allergy

With candy and treats around every corner have
allergy safe candy on hand.

Hang an free to print sign on your door, that this is an nut free house or sign reminding people children with allergies live at your house.

Have your child's name on all brought food, as you travel, and visit. Their are some excellent allergy companies that sell allergy gear such as lunch boxes with allergy alert signs, magnets with allergy info, allergy alert signs for packed lunches, alllergy t-shirts and much more on the market.

Duraflame fire logs have nuts, many fireplace pellets are made from corn or nuts. Be aware of airborn reactions.

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