Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer Time

Summer is on the way, or at least spring is in full swing here!

List of Dairy Free Sorbets, Ice Creams and Other Frozen Treats

Waterproof Epi Pen Belt from Onespot Allergy.

Safety Tip

Previous Post on Safe Sunsceen

Hidden Summer Dangers:
Corn Allergic:
Plastic Beach Toys Made From Corn Plastic

Nut Allergic:
Nuts in Sunscreen and Tanning Products
Nuts in Sunscreens
Nuts in Sunless Tanning Products
Nuts in Spray Tans

Nuts in Your Garden
Nuts can hide in many garden products including:
Garden Pots made from nuts
Hazelnuts Ground cover
Pecan Shells Animal Repellent
Soil Mender
Insect Killer

Milk Allergic:

Earplugs made from milk (scroll down)

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