Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Allergy Books

Halloween Allergy Candy Cash Out A Children's Food Allergy Awareness Book
Would you choose cash or candy? Would you donate candy that contains allergens? Find out what twin sisters choose when they go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.

Jude the Dude: The Peanut Allergy Kid - Jude Has A Halloween Party: Jude Learns About Milk and Cheese Allergies by Bridget Batson

The Halloween book, in which Jude the Dude throws a Halloween party, emphasizes general safety: carrying your Epi-Pen at all times, reading labels, not eating store bought baked goods, and having others wash their hands if they touch something a food allergy child is allergic to. It also shows Jude telling the store baker that he cannot their products (showing the confidence Jude has to tell others about his allergy). But, it also sends a positive message on the value of great friends working together to keep each other safe.

Interview with Bridget Batson

Trade-or-Treat Halloween by Heather Mehra and Kerry Mc Manama

The No Biggie Bunch is creatively coping once again in this holiday adventure. They don’t miss Halloween – they embrace it! A unique candy swap keeps a challenging holiday for kids with food allergies safe and fun. So, grab your No Biggie Bag and hit the pavement – it’s Halloween and it’s time to TRADE-or-treat.

Interview with Heather Mehra and Kerry Mc Manama

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