Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

Boxing Day Allergy Story, one time my father joked that I would one day find a product with absolutly no allergens, and toatally allergy free, but the joke would be on me because the box would be empty. I explained that the tape holding the box would contain corn so the box would not be "allergen free".

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For Those Who Like to Shop for Boxing Week Sales

Here are some products to help you stay allergy safe:
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Allergy Books
Allery Books For Kids
Allergy Posters
Carrying Containers for Auto-Injectors and Other Allergy Meds

Boxing Day

For some Advent season is time for giving food and unwrapped toys to food banks, and other charities. Christmas itself is a time for giving to family and close friends. Boxing Day is a time to pack up old clothes and out grown toys then "box them up" to pass them along to charities and families in need, and others who may appritiate them. Boxing Day for these people are a time to be thankfull for what we have. Remember allergic families during this season, and think about allery safe foods to give to the food banks.

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