Thursday, October 29, 2015

Can You Compost Painted Teal Pumpkins

We have given out food free treats at our house, even when I was a kid. I thus support the #TealPumpkinProject.

As a gardener, I have a compost bin in our backyard, our regional government also has a green bin composting program. I contacted our region to find out if our municipality could accommodate painted pumpkins. This was their response:

Good afternoon Karen,

I have been forwarded your e-mail with regards to the pumpkins painted Teal for the allergy awareness at Halloween. Pumpkins that are painted with regular water based kids craft paint can be placed in with the yard waste to be composted. Pumpkins that are painted with non-natural paints are to be placed in with the garbage.

This response was from a Region's Waste Management Collection Technician

I think we will do a paper pumpkin painted teal once again this year, if I wanted to do a craft painted pumpkin, I'd rinse it before composting. Our city sells skate/swim passes so we will be giving those out this year, along with other dollar store goodies, for our food free treats.

Paint Concerns:
Paint Made From Milk
Paint Made From Eggs
Paint Made From Nuts

Allergy Friendly Chocolate
Dairy Free Chocolate

Compost Concerns:
Nuts in Garden Supplies
Garden Products made From Shrimp

Halloween Allergy Books For Kids

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