Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Irritating manufacturer

I just received; I believe the most irritating E-mail from a manufacturer yet.

I requested information from a dental care manufacturer about dental care products that contain milk.

I received a form E-mail letter that asked me, to ask my doctor to write a letter to them.

Apparently they request that physicians write to them on office letterhead with specific information so they can have it researched as thoroughly as possible.


Unknown said...

I guess I am getting too cynical because it seems the motivation behind requesting the doctor's letter--on letterhead, no less--is not to do thorough research on the question but rather to avoid answering your question. How short-sighted of them! I wonder how many people actually bother to get a doctor's note? I would not. It is just easier (and less annoying) to buy a different brand. Irritating and really very poor customer service.

Karen said...

I have pretty much desided to buy Johnson and Johnson brand denal flosss, who where happy to tell me their products where all dairy free. I may E-mail them again just to see if that is still their policy.

Why they need milk in some waxed floss anyway is beyond me.