Friday, August 8, 2008


While in London, Ontario we went to the Organic Works Bakery. We have occasionally bought their dairy egg and nut free products from a store near us.

We had never been to their bakeshop, or store before. In was exciting to be in a store where our allergic child could have any thing. We bought organic vegan brownies, cinnamon rolls, and selection of cookies and muffins. It of is nice to see a bakery that is organic, and caters to more than one allergy!

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Anonymous said...

Organic Works Bakery also produces the quick breads, brownies, cookies and scones for Red Roaster, which is not organic, nor vegan. The products are manufactured on the same surfaces and baked on the same pans. If you are concerned about the ethical standards of this bakery, they are misrepresenting themselves as vegan and organic. If you have food allergies, you may reconsider buying product here.