Saturday, October 18, 2008

Epipen Required ?

A while back, I saw information about a day camp that REQUIRED anaphylactic campers to carry their EpiPens. If they did not carrying their EpiPens they were not allowed to attend camp. Hey sighted both safety, and legal concerns, should a camper have a reaction.

Is this an example of over regulation or is it a reasonable way of protecting children? We all remember Sabrina whose death inspired Sabrina’s Law. Her EpiPen was in her school locker, when she had her reaction in the school cafeteria. She was misinformed about cross contamination with fries with milk, but receiving her medication sooner may have saved her life.

There is also the death in 2002 of Hamidur Rahman (Word format) who died because of a school game that included a peanut butter challenge. Neither he nor the school had an EpiPen, or the training to deal with anaphylaxis.

Back to mandating carrying EpiPens, or any other emergency medicine, what do you think should we require students to carry them?


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!

I have a child that is highly allergic to Mile Protein so I will be checking back often. Also - I wanted to make reference to this blog article on Epi Pens too
as an FYI

Your ER Doc


Karen said...


Your welcome to link or menton my post. If you wish you can send me an E-mail.