Monday, October 20, 2008

Lunch Days

Our School has special lunch days on Fridays, when parents can order food for their children. The lunch program does not start till October to allow the forms to be filled in. On other days, parents are encouraged to pack more healthy lunches. This year both children are in full day school.

I have decided to order special lunch for my younger child, and pack a similar special lunch for our allergic child. So far the first week I managed to pack dairy free pizza, for my allergic child’s lunch, and fruit and crackers for snack break. My younger child had the same packed snack and ordered pizza. It was a hit for both!

Another week I messed up the special lunch, it was on Thursday due to a PD Day that Friday. I packed both snacks and lunches for both children. My non allergic child got her hotdog and complained that their was too much food in her lunch bag. My allergic child who takes food changes in stride, asked to have a hotdog in the fridge I was planning to pack on Friday.

Another week I packed dairy free pizza for my allergic child, it was Sub Day, she said she liked the pizza better!

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