Thursday, November 13, 2008

Treasure Mills

Treasure Mills have been expanding their product lines. All their products are nut and sesame free.

I’ve been packing some Treasure Mills loafs, in school lunches that are dairy free see their product guide for allergy information.

Their products include breads, baguettes, buns, cookies, mini cookies, snack cakes, brownie mixes and muffin mixes.

Update see recall from
Canadian Food Inspection agency (July 8, 2009) warning some products contain milk. See comment from reader.


Anonymous said...

Treasure mills products making people sick!

Canada wide Product recall

Anonymous said...

I just bought some of their carrot loafs and two were moldy within their wrapping! Three days from expiry date!

Anonymous said...

Milk is the least of our worries!
Dirty machines, rotten eggs, moth infested flour all knowingly used in this so-called product.
They have been reported to the CFIA, the board of health as well as the labour board.
I would stay away from anything that comes out of this nasty place!

Last year the carrot cakes made a whole class of kids in Newmarket sick from mold.

Anonymous said...

I buy these product all the time and I must say I find them great, my kids love them.

Also if you buy the banana or the carrot stick them in the freezer as they recommend and it eliminates the possibility of having them go moldy.

Anonymous said...

Machines are filthy, hygiene is terrible, and ingredients are mishandled.
If you have been in the plant where these "products" are made you would not eat them!