Monday, February 16, 2009

Dairy Pizza

Our allergic child was off on a sleepover, we decided to use the time to take our youngest child to a dairy pizza shop.

We literally had trouble remembering where the nearest dairy pizza shop was, the nearest one shut down. We actually had to look in the phone book to find out. I have notes on various dairy free pizza places, with policies on cross contamination, but didn’t know where a nearby sit down dairy pizza place was.

It was nice to go to a restaurant with out first looking at the restaurant’s web site for allergy information, then often phoning staff ahead of time to find out allergy information then while there double checking allergy awareness and procedures.

We do have a couple restaurants I trust and only glance at allergy guides to make sure nothing has changed.

Often when our child who doesn’t have allergies is out, I will take our oldest somewhere. Often to a thrift shop, to buy a book, or some other non food activity.

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