Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am fairly fortunate in that I have a lot of stores to choose from in my area. Two health food stores, with in a five minute drive. Both are part of small chains. The stores being smaller they offer less known, or available choices in food.

I also have a wide range of main stream supermarkets both no name and more fancy grocery stores. In the next town they have a small health food store as well as a big box health food store. Whenever I have reason to go to the next town, I make a detour.

Yet I end up driving all over, one store has more choices of dairy free bread, another dairy free deserts another really good organic junk food many dairy free. They also move things around or no longer sell dairy free products I want.

Most of the stores sell soy cheese with milk in it, only some sell truly dairy free “cheese”.

Making requests for certain products does sometimes pay off, small health food stores will sometimes let you special order products.

There are on line allergy aware stores, and I have used some. For most in smaller communities these become more necessary or some really creative cooking skills are used.

See our lists of Canadian and US health food stores, or E-mail in your favorite to add.

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