Saturday, April 4, 2009

Health Canada

From Health Canada website:

"Health Canada is responsible for administering the Food and Drugs Act. This Act and its regulations ensure that drugs and medical devices sold in Canada, including those used to prevent and treat allergic reactions, are safe, effective and well manufactured. Health Canada works with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the medical community to identify foods known to cause possible serious medical problems.

The CFIA has communicated with food manufacturers, importers, distributors and their associations, urging them to ensure that foods known to cause possible serious medical problems are always included in the list of ingredients of prepackaged foods. If there is a problem, the CFIA can take corrective measures, such as recalling improperly labeled foods. However, because components of certain foods or food ingredients, such as flavour, spice and seasoning preparations, do not have to be specifically identified in the list of ingredients on food labels, Health Canada is in the process of changing the Food and Drug Regulations to ensure that the most common foods and food components that cause severe allergic reactions are always identified on food labels.

Health Canada also ensures that new information on severe allergic reactions is made available to the public as soon as possible."

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Life Insurance Canada said...

I have been a bit dissatisfied with some of the decisions and steps that Health Canada made. This one though, is one of the better ones. Glad to see the new improvements and regulations. It will provide lots of new information that should not be hidden to the customer. Thanks for sharing the article.

Take care, Lorne