Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tee Shirts Talk

From Christina founder of Tee Shirts Talk. This company makes allergy T-shirts, and other shirts that mark milestones in a families life.

UPDATE: this buiness is no longer active see my list of Allergy Aware Gear.Their story:

Just after my daughter's 3rd birthday, we found out she was allergic to peanuts. As I sat in the doctor's office internalizing the results, my mind reeled. How was I ever going to feel safe leaving her somewhere with food? Would she verbalize her allergy? Would others take it as seriously as they should?

I went home that night thinking, how can I help her be safe when I am not there? I thought about the impact that clothing has and how messages are transferred on clothes, so as many of us do, I went looking online. I did find some allergy alert shirts, many beautiful with ornate designs but not exactly what I was looking for.

I wanted shirts that had the critical allergy information clear and unmistakeable and at an affordable price. If I wanted her to have a new shirt for each day of a week long camp, I could technically afford it. So, I decided if I was looking for that, other parents might be too. As I brainstormed, I remembered when I was pregnant with my second daughter we wanted to have our first child help announce the pregnancy with a "big sister to -be" shirt but I could not find one, so I made one. So ...

teeshirtstalk.ca was created. We specialize in announcing milestones & allergies that impact your child's life.

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kelly said...

these are adorable!!!