Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Milk and Beef Allergy Related

Are milk and beef allergies related?

Beef allergy in children with cow's milk allergy; cow's milk allergy in children with beef allergy. PUB MED Article.

With many allergies many factors could be involved

Jennifer B at Food Allergy Buzz did a post not so long a go on Connection Between Ticks and Red Meat Allergy

Meat Allergy is somewhat rare but can case as many problems as any food allergy.


Libby said...

Thanks for the link. There's not much out there on beef allergies and my son is allergic to milk and beef. (Or as we put it, he's allergic to the whole cow.) I almost expect him to react to leather! Libby

Unknown said...

I've heard of this with eggs and chickens too. My son is allergic to eggs and milk, but not the animals they come from. Go figure!

I'm grateful he can eat chicken and beef because it's so hard to get enough protein when avoiding egg and dairy. He eats more meat than I'd prefer, but he needs the protein.

Anonymous said...

My 2 smallest children are both have an allergy to the whole cow my girl has had to go to the doctor more then once for shots and even leather will give him a rash. Thay can take one bite of something or just smell it and tell you if it has beef or milk in it they have been able to do that from ages3 1/2

Unknown said...

My daughter is severly allergic to milk. Sometimes beef bothers her and sometimes it does not. Does it make a difference if the beef is well done (as with a pot roast) verses something like a medium cooked steak?