Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pharmaceutical Grade Lactose in Medications

Pharmaceutical grade lactose can contain small amounts of milk protein, this may be a problem for some milk allergic individuals. Here are some examples of pharmaceutical grade lactose products that are being used in medications:

Lactose Names In Medications:
Anhydrous Lactose
What is Anhydrous Lactose
Anhydrous lactose is often found as an inactive ingredient in different medications. It can be used as a filler to help increase the size of a capsule or tablet; it can also be added to dry powder inhalers to help propel the medications. Anhydrous lactose is particularly useful because it contains no water, which means that it will not react with medications that are sensitive to moisture. Anhydrous lactose may also be used as a coating for pills because of its mildly sweet taste.

Dry Milk Powder
Dry Milk Powders and spray dried lactose are mostly found in inhalers.
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FlowLac 100
FlowLac 100
The product FlowLac® is produced by spray-drying a suspension of fine milled alpha-lactose monohydrate crystals in a solution of lactose. When lactose in solution is spray-dried, a rapid removal of water is taking place, whereby amorphous, non-crystalline lactose is formed in addition to crystalline lactose. Based on the amorphous content, kept on a stable level, non-varying better tabletting properties can be reached.

Lactose Anhydrous
Lactose Spray-Dried
Lactose Monohydrate
Lactose Monohydrate Impalpable
Lactose Hydrous
Lactose Anhydrous
Lactose Anhydrous Excipient (pharmacologically inactive substance)
Lactose (C12H22O11) is milk sugar. It is a disaccharide composed of one galactose and one glucose molecule. In the pharmaceutical industry, lactose is used to help form tablets because it has excellent compressibility properties. It is also used to form a diluent powder for dry-powder inhalations. Lactose may be listed as lactose hydrous, lactose anhydrous, lactose monohydrate, or lactose spray-dried

Lactopress Anhydrous Crystals
DOMO (Now DFE Pharma) offers a wide range of anhydrous lactose products which includes lactopress anhydrous crystals. It is well suited for formulations containing moisture sensitive drugs, due to the absence of crystal water.

Tablettose, especially designed for Direct-Compression, combines the flowability of coarse lactose crystals and the good compressibility of fine milled lactose

Recaldent (made From milk protein)
Recaldent is used in chewing gum, oral care products both over the counter and products used by dentists, in a dental office.
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