Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blue Bear Review

I got this "Dairy Free is Prrfect for me" shirt from Blue Bear Aware, as well as a few other promotional products I'll post about later!

My daughter was delighted with her pink shirt that captured her love of cats, as well as her dairy allergy in a way that was so playful. She was excited about wearing it to school tomorrow.

Allergy aware products give opportunity to start conversations amongst adults, as well as casual reminder of your child's allergy.

With younger children, especially in new situations the more people are aware of your child's allergy, the less likely they are to offer unsafe foods, or any foods.

The clear Allergy Alert symbol on the back alerts people to the fact that the shirt is an allergy alert shirt. while the front of the shirts all portray the allergy in a fun way.

Their are so many shirts and other products at Blue Bear to suit not only a child's allergy, but their interests. "Epi pen princess" epi pen holder to "no nuts allowed" shirts.

Blue Bear Aware is offering Avoiding Milk Protein readers 10% off their order of 30$ or more. Place the code "AMP69" in the coupon box at the check-out (Valid until July 31, 2009).

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Unknown said...

This shirt is adorable. I love that kids can feel comfortable wearing t-shirts like this that look cute, but give an important message to others.