Monday, June 15, 2009

Sun Rype

We are a big fan of Sun Rype products. Their newest is Sun Rype Fruit to Go Crisps. They come in three flavours Crunchy Cinnamon, Apple Berry and Apple Cinnamon.

We are all fans of all three flavours. The dried fruit crisps have a sharp taste loaded with fruit without the artificial colours, being being a 100% fruit snack. I like the ingredients on the crunch cinnamon flavour: apples, cinnamon.

They come in 60 gram pouches, 5 pack of 10 gram pouches and 24 pouch variety pack. We have been packing all the flavours in the children's school lunches, I'll be on the lookout for the resealable pouch for summer car trips.

The products in Canada are made in allergen free facilities, in the States select products are made in allergen free facilities see bellow.

Sun Rype allergy info (Canada) "Sun Rype products do not contain any nuts, peanuts gluten or dairy products containing these allergens"

Sun Rype allergy info (USA) "Only Sun-Rype FruitSource and FruitSource Plus Veggie 1.3oz (37g) 100% fruit bars are manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts, tree nuts, egg, wheat, sesame, soybean and milk products. We recommend you try Sun-Rype Squiggles 100% Fruit Twist, Sun-Rype 100% Fruit Strips, FruitSource Mini Bites and FruitSource Mini Bites Plus Veggie as they do not contain these allergens and would be an alternate snack choice for individuals with food sensitivities.

Sun-Rype Squiggles 100% Fruit Twists, Sun-Rype 100% Fruit Strips, Sun-Rype FruitSource Mini Bites and Sun-Rype FruitSource Mini Bites Plus Veggie do not contain any tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, egg, milk sesame or soy products and they are manufactured in a facility that does not process any products containing these allergens."

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