Friday, July 31, 2009


I have been asked by fellow bloggers, twitter mates, and fans of this site to facebook with them. Yes I am on facebook, I currently only use it with “real life” friends and relatives. Although many of my blogging companions and allergy friends have become like friends, for the time being I’m keeping them separate.

Please do join me on Twitter, for allergy finds and networking with Avoiding Milk Protein. I enjoy the freedom of Facebook of choosing with whom I share news and photos with and many of the mindless games. I may at a later time start Avoiding Milk Protein Facebook page. Any thought on facebook?


Unknown said...

I do the same thing: Twitter for my food allergy stuff and Facebook for personal friends and family. I'm reluctant to mix two and it's enough for me to just keep up with that and regular blogging.

I just hear of Bebo which is suposed to allow you to go to one place to see Twitter and FB accounts. Have you heard of it? I'm going to check it out.

Clorinda said...

You could always start a group in Facebook with closed membership where you have to approve applications to join. Have a message in the group intro that encourages people to tell why they are joining.

I do understand the need to keep things separated though.