Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back From Vacation

It's been a while, I have not been posting, vacation and all.

The first couple of weeks of our vacation we did day trips and one brief hotel trip. All the day trips have been places where we can easily bring our own food.

The GPS that my hubby gave me for my birthday has been wonderful. Both in getting us places to entertain the kids, and finding those allergy friendly restaurants. Even with detours and unplanned delays (flat tire) we where able to find the nearest Swiss Chalet, Montana's or dairy free pizza place, to feed our dairy free child.

Swiss Chalet is by the way the easiest dairy free place to eat that is common where we live. Even when I was gluten and dairy free as a child, Swiss Chalet's chickens where prepared on gluten and milk free surfaces!

There is very little on Montana's menu that is dairy free, but my daughter loves the pork ribs, so every one is happy!

Spice of life has become a frequent vacation stop, this time on the way back from Fort George near Niagara on the Lake. She loves their dairy free pizza with vegan Cheese. They also offer gluten and vegan free options. Spice of Life is in St St Cathrines, ten minute walk from the City's beach and Carousel rides.

More restaurant information

Camping the third week we enjoyed dairy free smores, local animal activity and swimming.

Now to catch up on my E-mails and blog reading!

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