Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reading Program

Most Food allergic people dislike food rewards including myself. My allergic child joined the Summer reading program at our local library.

For every five books she reads she picks a prize the first one being a poster, the rest are chosen from a treasure box.

The treasure boxes are all food free prizes with things like stickers, costume jewelery and other party favour type items. The program is sponsored by the Canadian Goverment and TD Canada Trust.

We are both really enjoying the Dear Canada series.

I congratulate the program for being "food free". Every time food is offered as a reward the allergic child feels left out, not to mention other people with restricted diets.

Some books she has been reading:


Grace said...

Nice! Our library let us pick a book at the end of the summer reading program. When you sign up they give you things like a bookmark but also coupons from local fast food restaurants for free ice cream and pizza. I just quietly take those out of the package.

Karen said...

I agree I don't like the coupons for fast food.

Our reading program treasure Boxes have small toys and such, over junk food.

kelly said...

Kuddos to your library. Our local reading program offers coupons at borders, etc. I love the idea of anything except food for reward.