Friday, September 18, 2009

Meat Allergies

A while back I did a post on Milk and Beef Allergy their is a connection for many, as some of you commented about.

As many regular readers know, I out grew most of my multiple food allergies. I was highly allergic to pork, and mildly allergic to cows milk, growing up. Most of us know cows milk does not come from pigs. Yet for many cows milk and beef allergy go together, chicken and egg allergy for others may go together.

Reading allergy forums many people, even doctors don't necessarily believe that "true meat allergies" can even happen. For those with severe meat allergies, they can't have even have hidden sources of meat or meat derived ingredients. a person with a meat allergy is often confused with vegan, this can be especially unfortunate because many vegan products are not made in a totally meat free environment, though many are.

Some sources of meat, that may be less known to some:
(not a complete list)
clam extract
gel cap

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Anonymous said...

Any chance you could give the same speech to the GPs in Ireland??? :)

I've been trying to get them to understand but they sneer :(

I was having what they termed "panic attacks" but having kept a food diary it looks like the "attacks" are caused by dairy and beef!!!!

Keep up the great blog! x