Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Premium Chocolatiers

Premium Chocolatiers Halloween selection is here!
Nut and Dairy Free vegan chocolates

Witch with pumpkin
Skull pops
bag of skulls
mixed chocolates with Halloween a theme!


Marie said...

These kinds of things are actually pretty easy to make on your own and you don't have to know anything. Just go to the store and buy some candy molds. Melt dairy free chocolate chips, pour into the molds, tap to get the air out, and allow to cool. Pop 'em out and there you go! I made some great chocolate Easter bunnies this way this year.

raucherentwohnung said...

I like these chocolates. They are very delicious and easy to prepare by yourself.

Karen said...

To be clear yes you can make your own choclates, with molds. Making your own is a fun activity that will cost you less.

Premium choclates, are a premium vegan nut free choclate.

Their trufles, holiday choclates are already formed, and of high quality.