Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer sadly is about to end, we have had some grand adventures with the kids this year. We mostly went places where we were able to bring our own food this summer. Camping, parks, swimming are all easy "bring your own food" activities.

We went to:

Donkey Sanctuary of Canada we learned about these animals, the tame donkeys are free to walk around the barn and large pen where people can pet or groom them. We ate in a picnic area in the shade by a pond, and did some of the walking trails.

Crawford Lake guided tours of longhouses used by native people, walking trail around the lake. We brought our own food and ate in the resource centre, where they have tables and washrooms. They had more difficult trails, and out door picnic areas.

Balls Falls Guided tours of heritage buildings and trails, to two beautiful waterfalls. Nice sheltered picnic areas.

Jordan Historical Museum Mennonite home, pioneer school guided tours of more interesting stuff. grass area to picnic in.

Royal Botanical Gardens loved the nature walk, art and gardens. We brought our own food, and ate at the benches through out the gardens.

The Horse show at the EX the horse shows are free before the EX opens, we plan to go again next year. We brought snack foods and ate as we watched the horses jump. They also had wagon rides and other kid friendly activities.

Fort George historic site, we brought food for lunch, they have shaded picnic areas, out side the forts walls, we had our snack under a tree within the fort. We ate at the Spice of Life in St. Cathrine's on the way home for dinner, our allergic daughter had dairy free pizza with vegan cheese.

ROM Royal Ontario Museum, we brought our own food, we had to leave bags with coat check, then got our food from our bags at lunch time. We then went to the very allergy friendly Swiss Chalet for dinner.

Morningstar Mill historic griss mill and saw mill, brought our own snacks and ate at a picnic table, enjoyed a walking trail.

Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory, ate outside on picnic tables, little shade.

Ontario Family Fun

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