Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Real People Food

For people and families with allergies making food look and taste normal is balance. We have become used to bringing our own food everywhere. I recently had another parent comment regarding my daughters food, comparing it to "real people's food". My child is a real person, and eats real food.

Sometimes her food looks a little different especially when everyone else has a slice of cheese pizza, and she has a single serving of dairy free pizza, at say a birthday party.

She did attend a birthday party, some years ago, a younger sibling at the party wanted a cake like my daughters, not the birthday girl's cake. This was honest and my daughter thought is was very funny. Having people constantly comment on her "different food" is however annoying.

I recently talked to a seller of chocolate, who made a negative comment about dairy free chocolate. When I asked him if he ever tried dairy free chocolate, he said no. People ate chocolate for about a thousand years with out adding milk. With manufacturers experimenting with different dairy free chocolates the choices have expanded into more options. The first pizzas did not use cheese either, it is recently we have this cheese pizza connection thing.