Saturday, December 5, 2009

Artificial Snow made from Corn

I was googling away when I found out that artificial snow can be made from, in part corn.

Artificial snow can be made in kitchens for craft projects as well as artificial snow for ski hills and movies. .


Crafters TouchHow to Make Artificial Snow calls for talcum powder, that is made from corn

I got to thinking of our corn allergic visitors, a severe corn allergy reaction on top of a ski hill, would not be a good idea. A warning for our corn allergic visitors, call ahead to see how is the snow, and what is it made from before your ski trip.

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Anonymous said...

This surprised me because I always thought that Talcum powder was made of Talc (which is a extremely soft mineral). I googled it and it turns out that true talcum powder is talc, but the wiki page for baby powder -which sometimes seems to be used interchangeably with talcum pwder- says it can be talc or corn starch.

Just a FYI.