Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eat Right Ontario

I found a link to Eat Right Ontario: packing healthy school lunches.

They included a brief statement on allergies, but only mention by name nut allergy. They included "milk and alternatives" and "meat and alternatives". But really one line saying soy milk, is not addressing milk alternatives. I like they encourage Thermos use, left over stews and soups, as well as fruit and vegetables.

In my own family things children want in their lunches one week to another widely changes, all requests are to be made while I'm writing the grocery lists. They have to eat at least half their fruit and most of the water that is packed, I rarely pack juice, other than when it is hot out.

What is being requested right now in our house:
soup in a Thermos
first child orange slices, second child grapes and carrots
chips (only on Fridays when child reminds me)
granola bars

What was big last month, or week in our house:
yogurt (soy or milk for allergic and non allergic child)
canary melon
apple sauce
dry cereal
brown pear
salad wrap

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