Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Manufacturers and restaurants often give separate allergy information when it comes to American and Canadian production lines, allergy policies, and ingredient lists. If your looking for Canadian (or American) information be careful your looking at the right information.

Here are some examples:

Campbelles Soup USA has allergy information on it's web site Campbells Canada does not. Butterball USA has allergy information on it's site, Butterball Canada does not.

Sun Rype USA has cross contamination information, that includes information about the product being cross contaminated with major allergens including milk, nuts and wheat. Sun Rype Canada has information about how their products are produced in a facility free of these allergens.

Restaurants even with major chains can also be different in their ingredients.

Canadian Restaurants
American Restaurants


Unknown said...

Karen.. I totally agree. Earlier this month I was doing research on Fleischmann margarine. I sent you the email, but essentially, it's safe for US consumers; not for Canadians. They are produced by a different company in each country.

We have to be really careful when we buy products.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen - just wanted to provide clarification, Sun-Rype food and beverage products sold either in the US or Canada DO NOT contain any nuts, dairy, gluten, or egg ingredients. All products sold in Canada are manufactured in a facility that does not process any other products containing these allergens. In the US, FruitSource bars ONLY may be produced in a facility that processes other products containing these allergens. Sun-Rype MiniBites, Fruit Strips, and Squiggles sold in the USA do not contain any of the allergens and they are manufactured in a facility that DOES NOT process any products containing any of the allergens you noted. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Consumer Services at Sun-Rype at www.sunrype.com. or www.sunrypeusa.com