Monday, March 1, 2010

No Biggie Bunch

The smart and whimsical stories of The No Biggie Bunch teach kids when they're prepared with safe snacks and a ready response, the social challenges of food allergies are "No Biggie"! These books have taught allergic families and children about the social challanges of allergies are "No Biggie"

The No Biggie bunch, has applied to Pepsi for the Good Idea grant for their idea. You can vote for, or learn more about their idea here.

Their goal is to produce a film (based on the No Biggie Bunch) to be distributed to all grade schools in the U.S., becoming a vital part of every school health program. Schoolchildren can bring home their new knowledge and communication techniques, share it with their families & start the food allergy safety conversation.

Although the film will cover serious medical content, it will be delivered on a kid's level. Education through entertainment - it's the No Biggie Bunch way!

Bonus: A reasonably priced, downloadable iTunes version. How will the 50K be Used?To Produce a Film For Kids with Food Allergies

Learn more about the No Biggie Bunch books here, or visit the No Biggie Bunch website at

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