Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Built-in Milk Box

We have a built-in milk box, on one side of our house, this is a left over eliment from times of old, and a little strange, as we have a child with a milk allergy.

I have never had milk delivered to our house by the milkman, clearly gone with times of old. Yes we have an older house, and we have had a lot of repair work done, but we have never filled in our built-in milk box, somehow.

As it is getting a little rusty, perhaps I should paint it. It is beside a door that is not our main door, so few people see it, but it does give the house a charm of sorts.

My eldest did not know if I was telling her stories or the truth when I told her what the box was for.

This is the same child who also expressed laughter when my husband told her what a record was for, after all you can't fit a record into a CD player so how could it play music? My husband dug up the record player out of the basement and set it up to prove a record could really play music, in a record player not a CD player mind you.

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brenda j said...

Certainly do remember our milk box of olden days... We even used to crawl through when we forgot our key after school..