Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gluten Free Bread Roundup

Free From Market is hosting The Gluten Free round up. A blind tasting from dedicated gluten & allergen free bakeries, from the US and Canada in Orland, Il.

The Gluten Free Bread Roundup returns, Saturday, April 24. This year's tasting will feature unfamiliar breads from 25 dedicated gluten and (common) allergen free bakeries from across the U.S. and Canada. Come break bread with us again as we vote on our favorites in this huge blind taste test of the nation's finest GF products. All information goes back to the bakers but only the top 3 bakeries (by concensus) will be revealed. The best products will be available at Free From Market first. Last year's big discovery was Udi's, but the gluten & allergen free world is changing fast and there are some real gems out there. The younger and smaller brands are driving quality and producing products that are just plain better than what contains common allergens and gluten. Let's give these bakers our support.

Bread, wine, camaraderie, Saturday, April 24.

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