Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Last Supper

The Famous painting "the Last Supper" contains eggs!

The egg proteins may not be intact enough to cause an allergic reaction, in these historic art works, fresh egg tempera paint is much more likely to cause problems.

My eldest child has developed an interest in Leonardo Da Vinci, we learned that he used egg tempera paint in his art including his painting The Last Supper.

Whole or egg white was added to colours, as the artist paints with egg tempera paint. In a film we watched about Leonardo Da Vinci had one of his apprentice mix his paints with egg. We watched a film and read two books about this artist, and what draws my attention the most? allergies.

Egg tempera paint is still used today, but not nearly as popular as it once was, egg tempera was mostly in use prior to the year 1500.

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