Friday, March 23, 2012

Delicardo Contest

News from DELICARDO Foodcards

We now offer foodcards in French and Italian as well as German, English and Spanish. There is also the option to have personalized Configurator cards or standard Catalogue cards specially translated.

We are also offering foodcards in new materials, such as more durable plastic cards and PDFs for people who need a DELICARDO foodcard in a hurry.

We have created the DELICARDO foodfan in cooperation with BEHR’s Publishing House for the gastronomy industry. The DELICARDO Foodfan contains an info booklet with helpful information on preparing food for people with adverse food reactions, the DELICARDO Foodfan with precise details on what ingredients to use and not to use for 17 allergies and intolerances and a poster so that staff can quickly inform themselves on the allergies and intolerances. Currently this is only available in German but can be translated upon request.

Additionally we will be running an Easter Giveaway, this will take place from the end of the month. The competition will be in English and in German and involve various prizes. The English competition page can be found here

DELICARDO Foodcards A very helpful little card for people who suffer from adverse food reactions.”
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Joseph said...

Is this cards are computerized ??
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Plastic Card

Karen said...

Allergy Cards can be printed or mailed to you. Made for your allergy needs. The cards will translate to the language of the country you plan to visit what you are allergic to, to give to servers, ect.

talha said...

I read this and find it informative keep on struggling.

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DELICARDO foodcard said...

Thanks for the post Karen :-) We have started offering plastic cards because they are more durable. Paperboard cards are still available or for people who need them in a hurry you can now orders PDFs.

The cards are preconfigured with standard allergies and intolerances to be best understood by the hospitality industry but can be edited online at the website as well.

The Competition has started so good luck to everyone!