Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jude The Dude

Bridget Batson has a new book out Jude The Dude The Peanut Allergy Kid

The first thing that grabbed me was the quirky pictures in this book. They are part carton, part photograph. Jude learns he has a peanut allergy, he over comes his fear of his epi-pen shot, and practices with his trainer.

He does what most allergic kids do, he brings his peanut free cupcakes to places, takes his medication everywhere. Jude also sits at peanut free table at school and learns other ways to live safely.

One thing Jade does (that few allergy kid book characters do) he grows up to be a successful man with kids of his own.

Jude the Dude is also a website Jude The Dude .com

Full disclosure I was sent a pdf copy of the book.


Morena said...

How do I get the book. I tried clicking on the picture of the book but it doesn't take me anywhere.

I also went on the Jude the Dude website but couldn't find out from the website either.

Thanks for the help.

Karen said... sells the book, I added a link to the post Morena