Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taste of Nature

Taste of Nature has some new packaging. Their granola bars are now availible in packs of five. I was delighted to find these at my local grocery store.

Most of their granola bars are certified gluten free, dairy free, vegan and made from organic ingredients. My first review of these products is here.

Taste of Nature Allergy warnnings include: peanuts, treenuts, sesame and soya.

Another new bar from Taste of Nature Go Ontario.

Discover this first granola bar totally made in Ontario, from Ontario!

Crafted with care at Taste of Nature, this granola bar will give you a boost with Ontario cranberries, Ontario oats, as well as cherries, apples and honey from Ontario's Greenbelt.

Featuring 100% Ontario ingredients this delicious and healthy treat is a ground breaking product. No additives, preservatives or trans-fats, there is nothing in this bar that was not grown on an Ontario farm!

The Go Ontario bars are not only made of Ontario grown ingredients. The fact is, every single part of the process starts and ends in Ontario. Printing of the bar wrappers, the boxes, the manufacturing facility, the graphic design firm and more. Every single part of this product is 100% Made in Ontario.

You can finally feel good about eating well and help keeping local agriculture strong!

From Taste of Nature FAQ page:
Are all the Taste of Nature bars gluten free. Yes, all our Taste of Nature bars are gluten free. Our Niagara Apple Country contains gluten free oats but due to regulations, we are not to claim them as such.

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