Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sale Nana's Cookie Company

From Nana's Cookie Company

Our "Discount for you, donation to charity" promotion received such wonderful feedback from our fans, that we've decided to extend it through the end of May! That's 10% off on your order of any of Nana's Gluten Free products, plus 10% donated to the below charities.

In addition to 10% off on our Gluten Free Cookies, Cookie Bites and Cookie Bars, we'll donate 10% of sales to the Celiac Disease Foundations "Team Gluten-Free," eneration Rescue's "Rescue Angel" Program, and Talk About Curing Autism's (TACA's) numerous chapters across more than 15 states. Team Gluten-Free raises money for both celiac disease research and other beneficial programs, including sending children to gluten free summer camp. TACA's chapters across the country provide resources and support for families living with an autistic family member, and Generation Rescue's Rescue Angel program provides support services to families with newly diagnosed autistic children.

As an added bonus, we'll throw in free shipping for all orders over $50. To receive your discount, simply enter promo code "May". This deal is only good through the end of May or while supplies last, so order some soft-baked, 100% natural fruit-juice sweetened cookies, while supporting great causes at the same time.

Nana's No's:

No Refined Sugars (Cane or Beet products) * No Dairy * No Hydrogenated Oils * No Cholesterol * No Eggs * No Cane or Beet Products

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