Friday, December 16, 2011

Allergy Stickers

Neatly Named (UK)Our Allergy Labels are only available in the colour red with white print and in a pack of 10 labels. You can choose between our 5 different kinds:

The Allergy Note helps older children remember what they need to stay away from, while it clearly alerts teachers, nannies, and other parents to what your younger children can’t have.

Food Allergy Warning Stickers A Must Have for any foodservice establishment!

We have designed these very easy to notice and read Food Allergy Warning Stickers for use in the foodservice industry to safeguard against possible allergic reactions from your guests.

Label It or Loose it our Allergy Alert name labels provide a clear warning to others about your child's allergy or allergies. Being waterproof, they are especially designed for kids' lunch boxes and drink bottles.

Color Coded Food Allergy Lables Onespot Allergy, color coded food allergy labels, 6 sheets, 25 labels per sheet People with food allergies must be able to easily identify their own items to avoid accidental exposure to allergens.

Friendly Stickers Scoll Down to see Allergy Stickers, order with child's name on them.

Kids Food Allergy Alert Badge & Sticker Packs
Each pack contains 2 Badges and 12 Stickers and provides a versatile way to show friends and carers that your child has a food allergy or medical condition.

Allergy Warning safety stickers are a great way to raise awareness of food allergies and are ideal for sticking to lunchboxes and drink bottles of food allergy sufferers.

Allergy Alert Stickons Allergy Alert Stick Ons are dishwasher and microwave safe so they can be used on lunch containers too!

Angels First Aid (UK) A range of useful products for allergy sufferers everywhere.

Simply Stuck (UK) Allergy Alert packs are available for single or multiple allergies. Labels can detail a maximum of 4 different allergies.

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