Friday, May 1, 2015

The Princess and The Peanut Allergy

What I found at my local library: The Princess and the Peanut Allergy by Wendy McClure. At first the birthday girl was going to pick out a cake with peanuts in it. After the birthday girl finds out about her friend's peanut allergy, they have a tiff, but in the end Regina orders a peanut free cake, and Paula, the friend with the peanut allergy is reminded of how important it is to speak up and not be "a quiet little mouse" about her allergy.

Everyone enjoyed the birthday party. I would have liked to hear more about making sure the cake was truly nut free, rather than "We've made special cakes like this before." after passing a note to the baker "No Peanuts! Not even a Little Bit!". See our list of Nut Free Bake Shops I would also liked at lest a mention of other allergens could have been a concern in the children's section of the book. In "A Note To parents and Friends of Children With Food Allergies" They did mention other allergies, and went into more details about cross contamination with allergens, and asking questions at restaurants.

What I did like is how the book included social problems of handling a peanut allergy, during birthday parties. This is a common issue for children with food allergies.

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