Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Allergy Dangers and Beds

A while back my husband and I were shopping at The Brick, looking for a new mattress for our bed. I asked where they keep their list of ingredients? The sales person was confused, as to what I was referring to. I explained that mattresses, and bed materials can be made from allergens, and I wanted to know if they listed the ingredients, or materials on their products. After I gave him a brief lesson on chemurgy he said that some of The Bricks mattresses are made from in part from soy. I asked what their policy was for warning people with soy allergens about those products, he said they had none.

For more information of furniture made from allergens see my sister blog Chemurgy and Allergens:
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(The products listed on the above links are sold at different stores. The Brick is one of many stores that carry non food items that contain allergens)

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