Monday, June 1, 2015

Ambulance Tours

At a local event, I saw a parametric give tours to kids of a ambulance, the EMS had at a local event we attended. The car free event also had two paramedics on bicycles. In my opinion every family, especially ones who have a child with any medical condition, that may require an ambulance, should make use of this community service. In our area at many community events, the EMS provide this service, to make ambulance rides seem less scary for kids. An added important reason for this EMS service, is if an emergency should happen, an ambulance is already on-site.

As well as kids getting a tour, teens asked about being a paramedic as a career choice. I also had a chance to talk to the gentlemen giving the tours. Our local Ambulances all carry epinephrine. When I last took a First Aid and CPR Course in my home town both the ambulances and Fire trucks had epinephrine, my current city "only" all the local ambulances carry epinephrine.

We talked about the history of epinephrine, costs and upcoming products yet to be introduced to the market, based on EpiPen. He was very knowledgeable, and good with the kids.

EMS Week May 17 - 23 is Emergency Medical Services Week.


It was suggested to me that ambulance tours could happen at allergy offices, at first I thought this was a good idea. After thinking about this further, not only would those with allergies benefit from tours but people with seizers, diabetes and other medical conditions, when these tours happen in the greater community.

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