Monday, January 11, 2016

New Epinephrine Injectors

New Epineprine Injectors From Oval Medical, Wind Gap Medical, Emerade and an EpiBracelet are in development, testing phases.

Case MD
Case.MD is combining emergency medicine into the convenience of your smartphone case. Their first product is the Epi-Case, a fully functioning dual epinephrine auto-injector smartphone case that works and acts just like an EpiPen.
Students Turn Smartphone Cases Into Lifesaving Medical Devices

Allergy Stop Now
Allergy Stop Now
Condensing an epinephrine injection device into a palm-sized carrying case for easy portability on a keychain or belt loop. Offering custom needle lengths and medication doses based on body mass index (BMI).

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals (NEW)
Imprimis plans to offer $100 EpiPen
The cost of an Epipen's main ingredient is 'less than a Big Mac', says pharmaceuticals boss who wants to sell one for less than $100
Imprimis: A Miracle or Just a Press Release?

Mylan (US)
Mylan announces cheaper generic EpiPens amid price-gouging accusations (article)

Oval Medical Oval Medical Technologies is developing next-generation autoinjectors including an ultra-portable epinephrine injector. The pictures on their website look like this device will be a great alternative to current epinephrine injectors, it being so much smaller. My feeling is that it would be less scary to use for many who might be needle shy, and that many teens will be more willing to carry it being a smaller design.

- At 93mm x 29.75mm x 16mm, the slimline Oval Medical device easily fits in one hand
- Currently focused on addressing regulatory trials followed by a product launch in about 2019 (UK)

News Article on Oval Medical
Oval Medical anti-allergy device wins acclaim
Press Release From Oval Medical
Oval Medical adrenaline auto-injector wins praise
from allergy sufferers and healthcare professionals

Adreacard Uo Creates EpiPen alternative That Fits in your Wallet (article)

WindGap Medical
Wind Gap Medical
"Windgap Medical is developing healthcare products that meet the demands of your lifestyle" This product promises extended shelf life and thinner design.

New Amazing Epinephrine injectors You Need to Know About

Elevator Pitch
WindGap Medical
"WindGap Medical’s patient and clinician surveys show that the EpiPen is bulky and awkward to carry, especially for children. It has tight temperature storage requirements of 68-77°F and will rapidly degrade outside of that range. Through patent-pending microfluidics and miniaturization, our product is as small as a USB drive, intuitive to use, and extends the storage temperature range out to 32-105°F."

News Articles That Talks about Wind Gap Medical's New Product
Watch out, EpiPen:
A better auto-injector for severe allergies is in the works

How One Startup Plans to End the EpiPen Monopoly

Adis Pharmaceuticals
Adis Pharmaceuticals
News Release Adamis Pharmaceuticals Announces FDA Acceptance of Resubmission of Its Epinephrine Pre-Filled Syringe NDA

Emerade Emerade Emerade is an adrenaline auto-injector used for the emergency treatment of severe acute allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) to foods, medicines or insect stings. It can also be used for exercise induced anaphylaxis. If you experience anaphylaxis, use your Emerade immediately. Emerade is a Prescription only Medicine

The EpiBraclet
Less is known about this, I'm curious who makes it, what stage of testing it is in, and IF it is still in development. It does have teen appeal but the design is so different from current injecting epinephrine designs, I am less enthusiastic about this product.

Blog Article That Talks about the EpiBracelet:
The EpiBracelet
–a Wearable, Portable and Fashionable Automatic Epinephrine Injection Device

Slide Show on Anaphylaxis end of slide show talks about the EpiBraclet

G2B Pharma
Product Focus:
"Our primary product candidate, G2B011, is a nasal spray formulation of epinephrine for the treatment of anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction that affects tens of millions of people worldwide. Common causes of anaphylactic reactions include food allergies and bee stings. Epinephrine is the gold standard for treatment of anaphylaxis and is currently provided for self-administration by injection. The company believes that nasal administration offers an effective and more patient-friendly delivery route for this life-saving medication".

Blog Post By Grateful Foodie on Nasal Epinephrine Products

Even with new auto injector designs in trail and testing phases, most don't expect these to reach the market for years. If they are fairly priced the end of EpiPen monopoly will hopefully bring prices down for all epinephrine injectors.

FDA Rejections:
In March, generics giant Teva Pharmaceuticals told investors that its generic version of EpiPen was rejected by the FDA, and that it wouldn't be able to launch the generic until at least 2017. Adamis Pharmaceuticals reported a similar rejection from the FDA for its EpiPen generic in June. Source

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