Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Touch A Truck

I posted about Ambulance Tours it was an opportunity for us to get a tour of an ambulance, and ask questions at a local city event. I believe for many, ambulance tours are an opportunity to tour an ambulance, not during an emergency, and that this may ease concerns. This can relieve anxieties of what can happen when someone has an allergic reaction. It is also an opportunity to ask if your city ambulances (or city fire trucks) who carries epinephrine.

More communities are hosting Touch A Truck Events. Often ambulances are included in these Touch A Truck Events, so Ambulance Tours may be included. Nervous children with allergies, seizures, diabetes can all benefit.

I suggest looking at city websites to see if your city or community hosts one of these events, not all Touch A Truck events include ambulances.

Touch A Truck Buffalo, NY
Virgina Touch A Truck
Touch A Truck General Motors Centre, Oshawa
Touch A Truck Thousand Oaks, CA
Touch A Truck Event Grimsby
Touch A Truck Macon, Georgia
Touch A Truck New Orlean
Touch A Truck Starkville
Touch A Truck Dartmouth, MA

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